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Originally Posted by JH4094 View Post
This is a learning experience, so definitely no feathers ruffled. I appreciate the critique. Is it possible to elaborate on the "bad drug experience"? I would definitely appreciate more detail.
The Chorus effect on the vocal is a bit heavy handed, that's all.

"bad drug experience" is just my own weirdness... I have neurocardiogenic syncope - which has been triggered in the past by drug experiences. Moments before losing consciousness, everything I hear starts to get all flangey - Like literally there is a Small Stone Pedal in my head...

I can listen to "Planet Caravan" by Black Sabbath all day - it doesn't start to trigger me. My Bloody Valentines loveless album makes me physically ill sometimes when I try to listen to it. So anything a bit uptempo with a chorused / flanged up vocal - yeah I kinda have some issues with
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