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I made item notes on my 2nd listen through. Here we go.
  • #1 some how this mix sounds "ragged" . some distortion / saturation ? If the vocals weren't buried this mix might be brilliant. honarable mention!
  • #2 feels like I'm listening to this being played back through a guitar amp. there might be some monitoring issues to address here. There mix does have focus though, will give it that.
  • #3 My mix. regretting turning down the vocal ~1 db a the last minute.
  • #4 Good, maybe a bit safe. Guitars should be a bit more aggressive. KICK TOO DARN LOUD!
  • #5 Snare is great! kick is just right! Crash cymbals are just too loud though vocal fx could be a bit more tasteful. Sort of cheesy. guitar is good, but buried at the end a bit too much.
  • #6 mix has good energy, but snare is a bit muffled. Bass is well handled. Kick sound is perfect!
  • #7 Top 3. no - bEST! vocals are well handled. delays are fine, not tooo overdone. drums have good energy (i would have mixed those crashes a bit lower though) everything fits. sounds pro.
  • #8 good balance, maybe lacks a little punch. Bass is really snappy. so close, but something doesn't pull me in here.
  • #9 kick drum isn't fitting the rest of the mix. early refections/ short delay making me feel a bit too queasy. "bad drug experience mix"
  • #10 aggressive compression. not really digging the result. feels like I'm holding my breath... I really need to exhale... please let me breathe! vocal not punching through. guitar maybe too loud. or just everything is so tense.
  • #11 great.. another "bad drug experience" mix. this is actually well executed though - great mix, bad idea.
  • #12 brief moments of brilliance... some small train wrecks... if the train wrecks were more fantastic, this mix would be an 11 out of 10. instead I'm on a fence... top 3 though. (ended up voting this as #2 just cause I appreciated the effort)
  • #13 Odd uneven volume problems. doesn't even feel finished.
  • #14 LCR is beautiful as a cardinal rule, except when it's a cardinal sin.

If I ruffled a few feathers - sorry #notsorry
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