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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
I might add, I chose to fade the song out on the end. I tried working with all of it, but that ending was so bad it hurt. Dave did suggest that I not fade it, and I did give it a go, but in the end I thought the song was better with the fade.
I originally used a tape-stop effect with the playrate on the master volume - aka make it sound like you pressed your finger on the tape reel until it stopped. I forget why I removed that.

I had also duplicated and placed a JS fuzz distortion on the lead vocal track and some midrange EQ to make it sound like a megaphone, It's still there but I ended up only lightly blending it with the clean vocal (verses only) out of fear it would freak people out - looking back, I still like it, probably should have kept it because the lyric sort of supports a megaphone/disarray type scenario aka falling apart.
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