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Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
I'm going to start the discussions with a question for you all:

What's the trickiest part you had to deal with, what was your approach and how did you fix it?
I think the main thing to me was the guitar tracks. Although they did have a groove, they got boring and monotonous. My answer to that was to try use the bass track to give it more of a groove and make it not quite so monotonous.

Regarding the vocals, there were various places in the song where the same words and melody were used. I just copy/pasted some of them on other tracks to get more voices. Actually I could have done more of that, the opportunity was there.

I might add, I chose to fade the song out on the end. I tried working with all of it, but that ending was so bad it hurt. Dave did suggest that I not fade it, and I did give it a go, but in the end I thought the song was better with the fade.
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