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Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post

What's the trickiest part you had to deal with, what was your approach and how did you fix it?
The only thing I can think of is one of the bass tracks was terribly hot in the 3k range (or so) due to the bass player continually slapping those high notes (why the heck is the *bass* player up there that high anyway ) - I fixed that using reacomp and adjusting it's filter to only react when that frequency range went hot leaving other frequencies unaffected. I originally used pre/post emphasis EQs to do that but found the built in filtering in ReaComp was the same result and less complicated to setup. Sort of a poor man's single-band compression using reacomp.

On an unrelated note of something users might want to check out in the project, in order to get the background harmony vocal to sit well and be stereo was to duplicate the track and insert a ReaEQ on each. I boosted/cut multiple frequencies with a narrow Q, then I mirrored all those curves on the other track (ReaEQ has a button to do this). What this does is give a decent stereo spread that collapses to mono well. IOW, had I duplicated the tracks and offset one by 20ms or so, then we'd have a comb filtering issue when folding down to mono.
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