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Originally Posted by tod
The biggest problem I had was trying to get some bottom end out of the bass
As I said up ^there, that bass recording was not quite but wanting to be horrid - I was quite surprised it was that bad - again, not the contests problem, that's part of mixing life - It's just that there is a mix rescue article on these same tracks @ sound on sound and to be at that level of attention, made me expect more than what I can get at home and just playing and recording the bass myself.

FWIW: here is that article, some of the wording makes me think we might be missing one or two tracks but I think overall it's the same tracks we mixed: I just read it earlier today because when I found it two weeks ago, I didn't want to be influenced by it. Btw, Mike used Reaper and unfortunately, I'm not seeing a link to his resulting mix unless it is the same one in the first post - Hmm, I should check that one out as I have never heard any mixes of this outside the contest.
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