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Originally Posted by Otto Tune View Post
The reverb karbo's talking about was also way more obvious.
That's a good point about listening levels too. I'm always guilty of mixing a little loud (though I did better at that than usual with this contest from trying to be aware of it). However, I know me so I'd guarantee my mix probably does better the louder you turn it up due to my louder mixing habit so don't be afraid to crank it up after the fact. I can't really apologize for that, I'm a child of the 70s and still can't help but like music louder than 83dB mixing levels, I just do.

I'll peel through some more of these and add more comments as the days go by because to me the post discussion is far more important than the actual mixing process. The biggest thing I'm noticing right now is that every mix submitted could use a good comparison against well-done commercial mixes, we all could have done better at that I think and it's probably the biggest thing bugging me if I didn't enter the contest and had to sit back as an observer an comment. Some of that is the bands fault but not all of it.
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