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Congrats zacki and everyone! Excellent learning experience on various levels.

Couple quick thoughts:

Originally Posted by insub View Post
If applying 3 pts to 1st vote, 2 pts to 2nd vote, and 1 pt for third...

First: zacki (31 pts)
Second: soundguy84 (16 pts)
Third: James HE (12 pts)
Not to diminish my own tie for third place, but this seems totally right score-wise.

There might be good arguments against this, but it would be nice to have the ID number along with user name at least in the Render folder. One mix did pretty much just what I was going for but better, and it seems really hard to tell which one that was without downloading and matching all the files, unless I'm missing something (totally possible).

Like a couple other folks, I found the differences between the overall tone of the mixes totally interesting. What surprised me was turning up the volume when listening to all of them, which I almost didn't even though I always do when mixing. I had one set of picks based on quietish everyday listening volume, but then thought it was worth a spin to hear them all at 83db or so at my listening position. My picks definitely changed. The reverb karbo's talking about was also way more obvious.

Anyway, very cool to mix with only on Reaper-included plug-ins. Would definitely do another as time permits
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