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Originally Posted by James HE View Post
Quick poll:

How do you all have your metering display setup for the Master? and How conscious are you of hitting a target level when mixing?

I have a RMS display offset of -14. If I see too much red on the RMS meters, I try to back off. Generally I do not use any Loudness metering when mixing.
I haven't adjusted anything on the Master meter. I find that commercial tracks that I've used for reference have their RMS pretty much staying inside the shaded area of the meter on default settings.

I don't pay much attention to the Master meter while mixing. I use that meter when I'm "mastering," if you want to call it that. Perhaps I should say that I'm Louderizing.

Loudness target: In my opinion, should be -13 LUFS. That is the loudness normalization target for YouTube. Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" is -12 LUFS and its considered a more dynamic modern release.

Whatever the chosen requirement, I think it's important for the entrants to take care of meeting the loudness target rather than expect DaveKeehl to take care of it for us. If people submit drastically different files then some will have to get limited by Dave while others get turned down. Having a specific target gives the user more control over his/her submission and reduces work for Dave, or at least, reduces any unwanted additional processing that Dave may need to do in order to get all entries at the same loudness for comparison.
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