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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I tested further and I can work with -12 I believe. -12 to -15 is my preferred dynamic range for stuff I usually record which sonically isn't that far removed from this mix.
yeah I got there too...

**TB_EBU reports intersample peaks in my mix - Melda analyzer does not. I guess I'm ok... I'm definitely worrying about this too much. Well, I need to practice this stuff in my current setup anyway, going to try to release the next album by Feburary

and only lost about .5 db in dynamic range to get there, so I'm actually really pleased.

I had been rendering my mix, then using the SWS action to normalize it to -12 LUFUS (brought it up about 4db.) and slapping eventhorizon on it to limit it to -.05. This was not pretty.

ended up breaking out my Loser Master Limiter MOD and a bit of event horizon to get there - all in all that ended up being about 2 hours worth of "work" for me nail the settings. No real loss here, and I don't have too big of an issue with getting this to that level - I do think the normalization level could be a bit lower for the contest format here though. It's not an issue here, but we'll see what material we get next month. something to consider - in spite of my drama

Being that I'm pretty much in a *"new" room, I'm going to check this mix in the car first... If it's not too much of a disaster, I'll post it tonight! ha ha.

*I'm back on the family farm for now. The studio is the metal barn I basically grew up playing music in. I have impulse responses of this room that I've been using for the past 8 years or so in basically every mix. I know the sound of this place well.. but by god it's way too live for a mix room! It's basically a metal tent with a concrete floor!

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