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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
ive been using reaper for a good 3 years now and never encountered this problem untill I upgraded my computer from a 2000 win xp to a 2013 win 7 the daw works and Im able to pack on the plugin without freezing or latency BUT when i master my tracks sound kick fucking ass on my monitors but when i render and toss them on my ipod and play them back in my truck all of a sudden my guitars sound 4 db lower and the sound waves up and down volume wise like someone is turning up and down the volume internally... can anyone help me!

My mastering chain:
1. Spectral analyzer
2. ReaQ (Parametric EQ - High Pass Filter)
3. FerricTDS (Tape Emulation)
4. ReaQ (Parametric EQ - High Shelving Filter)
5. Waves Maxx Bass (Bass Enhancer)
6. DestinymkII (Compressor)
7. Waves Stereo imager (Stereo Widener)
8. CS112m (final EQ, high pass)
9. ReaXComp (Multiband Compressor)
10. JS (Soft Clipper)
11. Loud Max (Brickwall Limiter)

what the hell am i doing wrong? and why is my master sounding amateur compared to masters done previously on my old computer?
Using Maxx Bass in mastering buss is a very bad idea. use max bass in u r mix channel (bass gui & kick drum)

Remove all Compressors in Master track. use compression for individual track according to the need. dont over compress any track. use only a simple limiter to master track. IF ITS VERY ESSENTIAL AS U THINK USE A MULTI BAND COMPRESSOR AND COMPRESS. DONT COMPRESS OVER -3 DB (CHECK THE COMPRESSOR VU) .

Reaper V4 Has a problem in audio rendering. which makes u r mix sound worse. i had found a solution a few months ago. its simple "set u r freq and bit rate same everywhere" render your audio in same setting. for example if you recorded your audio in 48khz 24bit use all mix engine audio render setting in the same setting. dont jump from 24bit to 32 64 or to 16 in rendering. dont change 48khz to 44.1khz in rendering. after rendering convert your audio to u r desired need with an external editor like sound forge or adobe audition.

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