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Iíve used OBS and it works well. The only problem is it wonít capture Asio on my computer, so I have to switch over to wasapi to record live reaper playback.
ey-yes obs seems to work well also-and asio can be used with an asio tool >

it also appears there is a bassasio library that can override certain asio limits apparently.. >? any1 compile that?

to quote "Bassasio plugin: the Bassasio library is able to bypass the ASIO sdk limitations. As a result several ASIO devices can be used at the same time.
Additionally, it is possible to create several ASIO sources from the same device with different channel selections (not duplicates)."

so,wasapi does also work,but then your using desktop audio.. that could be multichannel as well..7.1
rearoute also can be used with obs-check that^ dev's notes**

seems complex to begin,but is quite simplez actually..nothing seems bug free unfortunately..had a few crashes-but have also made decent captures from it..
obs is not really an editor though-scenes and audio sources can be mixed and merged i guess,not tried switching or transitions much.
has some included effects for both audio+images-not too bad.
used to use microsoft expression encoder..again,this was wave only..shrugz-worked fine as well.
basic capturing using obs is fine here,for both wave+asio.
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