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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
I just tried it again (with restarting Reaper and removing the JSFX), but the issue still occurs. However, I reduced the keyboard key repetition rate in Windows and now it seems to work. Is there maybe a way to increase the repetition tolerance in the script itself?
The plugin doesn't listen for keys and doesn't know anything about them.

It basically checks every time there's a new audio buffer if the play state has changed and if the cursor has moved. If it is stopped and the cursor has moved by a frame or more, it generates a message. So with a 512 buffer it will check ~90 times per second.

I can only assume reaper is doing something weird to the plugin when it gets fast keyboard repetition.

Maybe it is reinitialising the plugin every repeat keystroke? It should only initialise when play is started. But maybe it is not.
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