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Default Strange envelope bug

I've created a custom action that ALMOST works perfectly, except it seems I am prohibited by unintended behavior.

You'll see in this LICEcap that my mouse modifier for envelope segment: double click performs the following custom action:
  • SWS/BR: Insert 2 envelope points at time selection
  • SWS/BR: Insert new envelope point at mouse cursor using value at current position (obey snapping)
  • Envelope: Unselect (clear selection of) all points
  • SWS/BR: Select envelope point at mouse cursor (selected envelope only)

Now I simply want to move ONLY the point under the mouse cursor, but this is where the unexpected behavior occurs:
  • 1st attempt moves all 3 points
  • 2nd attempt (to see if it's just an issue with the "next immediate action" moves all 3 points again
  • UNDO x2
  • 3rd attempt IT WORKS!
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