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Default Online Improvisational Music Community

I am looking for such a community. I made one myself, but I can't be a community on my own I just edited a site when I said I did it.

Ninjam is a very nice working system. I don't know why so few people are interested.

For me, it works completely randomly. It would be great if there were features such as who is on the system before connecting and playing, or who is planning to play soon.

Jams records are listed in ninbot or ninjam (archive org), but because they are all records, there is no categorization, it would be very good if there was a section with a profile system or a section for sharing what we like and cut.

In my research, I came across several sites, but these features that I mentioned were not there, and they have not been active for a long time already.

If you know of a similar system or site, I would also like to look at them.

If you want to do something together, I would appreciate it if you would join. The content of the site I am talking about is mainly in Turkish, and I am also trying to reach friends from Turkey. After all, the language of music is universal...
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