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If upsampling creates a noticeable improvement and requires no extra effort then why not do it to all your plugs?
I plan to. I just wanted to try it on a basic level to see if there was a difference 1st.

I have recently started converting audio files of projects I receive which have been recorded at 44.1k to 88.2k or 48k to 96k for mixing in the box. I have noticed quite a noticeable improvement in quality when it comes to plugin processing. Espacially for compressors and reverbs. More depth, punchier transients and smoother highs.

Even if your plugs don't offer an oversampling option, you will allways benefit from mixing at higher sampling rates in the box. Technically it is due to less aliasing and faster slew rates.
How are you converting the files? Do you mean you take a 44k file, render it at 96k and use it in yor mix?

Also, when you say "mixing at higher sampling rates in the box" do you mean just changing the sampling rate in your soundcard app during mixing even though the files may have been recorded at 44K?

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