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Originally Posted by fbeauvaisc View Post
Is there a way to stack articulations in midi channel switching? With a Ctrl+click would open more midi channels.
This could technically work the way you described but only for the multi scenario like you're using, and, more problematically, it wouldn't work during recording or playback, because you can't "layer" program change messages.

So there are two possibilities here:

1. Create custom layered articulations that route to multiple MIDI channels. Of course this means you have to think ahead-of-time which layerings you want and create articulations for them.

2. You can use multiple source channels. If you've added the bank to your track with the Omni source channel, you can map any source channel to any single articulations. This is how I layer, with multiple source channels, because I want to have independent CC curves for each layer anyway. But if you wanted to control multiple destination channels from a single source channel, this requires option 1.

I can't think of a good way around this when using program changes the way Reaticulate does. But I'm open to ideas.

Originally Posted by fbeauvaisc View Post
Also I have to say I'm super impressed and happy with Reaticulate.
That's great to hear! I'm delighted to know it's working ok for you, notwithstanding the limitations you're running into.

Originally Posted by fbeauvaisc View Post
Is there a way to have Reaticulate change midi bus to have more than 16 midi channels available per track?
Not without some sort of support from the VSTi. Someone had a similar question in the context of Kontakt, whether it was possible to address all 4 ports within Kontakt (ports A-D).

I offered this solution which combines FlexRouter, a Kontakt multiscript, with Reaticulate to address up to 64 different channels.

This theoretically would work with VEPro as well, but it only works with Kontakt.

As for using MIDI buses from Reaper, I'm afraid Reaticulate doesn't support this yet. The Reaticulate Bus Translator JSFX you stumbled upon was just to solve the specific use-case of MIDI feedback to a CC controller and it was never meant to be used directly (only behind-the-scenes by Reaticulate). It's no wonder you're finding it working a bit wonky when trying to use it for this purpose.

Supporting multiple MIDI buses natively within Reaticulate is an interesting idea. So you're saying this works properly between Reaper and VEPro? If Reaper sends out on a particular MIDI bus, VEPro handles this natively?

I suppose I could test this without VEPro (as unfortunately I don't own it) by adding multiple VSTis to a track and assigning input to different buses. Then I'd need some way within Reaticulate to specify the destination MIDI bus. Something like:

//! c=short i=spiccato o=note:17,1@12.4
42 spiccato
Which would send note 17 velocity 1 to channel 4 on MIDI bus 4 and route future events there.

Do you think this would translate well to what you're trying to accomplish with VEP6?

And would you find it a problem to your workflow if you, even though you could address destinations on any MIDI bus(*), your MIDI input could only come from bus 1?

(*) I leverage bus 16 for CC feedback to a MIDI controller, so technically if you wanted to use that feature you couldn't put anything on bus 16.
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