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Ok so I linked "bus translator for midi feedback" to CC20 and I can change the bus within Reaticulate. But it cannot be used with midi channel switching else I'm missing something. Here's an exemple of my codes :

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=cc:20,1 (Working for switching to bus 1)
01 01-Leg Slur
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=cc:20,8 (Working for switching to bus 2)
02 02-Leg Slur Accent
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=@3 (working for switching midi channel)
03 03-Leg Mute
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=trill o=@4 o=cc:20,8 (not working at doing both)
04 04-Trill HT
"Bank/Program Select"

I'm getting super close to achieving what I want. What am I missing?

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