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Originally Posted by Michael Willis View Post
Anyway, maybe that was more than you cared to know,
Actually I find it very interesting, thanks for elaborating!

I take no offense at anyone's musical tastes. Mine are varied enough. When I play a guitar or bass however I seem to fall back to a comfort zone of "the heavies" (thrash mostly).

I hate naming things too. Every name has already been used for something else, and naming conventions (trying to stay consistent within a theme) are so easy to break when you add "one too many" products to a line for the naming convention you'd decided on. There are always more names within a convention you can use, but some you just want to avoid because they just don't sound right or have negative connotations.

Dragonflies are alright by me! They gobble up mosquitos and they do it with approximately 95% success (based on how many attempts it takes to catch and kill their prey). Efficient mosquito killers are my friends.
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