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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
It's a pity Reaper 40913/Track: Vertical scroll selected tracks into view only scrolls the TCP, otherwise i'd map that to a button and have done with it. That and the code you found and we'd be covered

Select the track on the surface push SomeButton Reaper 40913 and the MCP would scroll the track into view in Reaper. Except only the TCP scrolls
New build is up:

Nice find on the Vertical Scroll !

I tried a brand new way of doing the MCP scrolling, see if you like it.

Don't quite remember how the other one worked, this one scrolls "just enough" if you are off one edge or the other, so the selected track shows up at the left or right edge of the control surface(s) and the Reaper track control panel.

There is no option to turn it off, but it only works in MCP mode.

Thinking about this, I'm wondering if there really is a good use case for not doing this, that outweighs the damage you can cause be having selected tracks hidden from view.

I'm starting to think this should always happen.

Let me know if you (and anyone else please jump in too) agree and we'll also add the ReaperAction 40913 !
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