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Thanks for all the effort .

One remark:
Reaction theme has a serious downfall which you should fix before giving it to noobs (or anyone, imo):

In Reaction (and some themes that copied the same "hack"), when you fully collapse folder children they get invisible in main (arrange) view. That is done by setting the collapsed tracks to a height of zero pixels, so that you can't see them and their items anymore. Nice idea, but those tracks and their items are still available for selection and editing!
EG say you have 5 tracks, where track 2 is a folder with tracks 3 and 4 as children and you collapse the folder, so tracks 3 and 4 are invisible. Now drag a marquee across some items on track 1 and 5. Uncollapse tracks 3 and 4. The items on these tracks are now selected and if you had done any edit they would have been edited too.

Items on invisible (collapsed) child tracks are still subject to edits and you can seriously hose your project without seeing what you do.

IMO, themes using this hack should be taken from the stash or at least come with a serious warning in big bold letters. They are for sure not good for noobs.

My recommendation: Change rtconfig.txt of the theme in the line
tcp_heights 0 22 49 73 ;supercollapsed, collapsed, small(norecarm), recarm size

Do not use 0 for supercollapsed to avoid the issue. Make it at least big enough so that selected items can be clearly distinguished from unselected ones.
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