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Originally Posted by MusoBob View Post
Scaler will have midi markers as chord names soon.
The script will work by it's self but will only get basic chords as scaler uses a lot of different voicing in the chords.
There's is a copy chords to clipboard as text that could be made into a script but there is no repeats or duration in the text, so if there is a chord change on beat 3 it won't have that.
The script is just using
Notation: Identify chords on editor grid
Sorry - small brain syndrome... In what context do you have to be for the script to run properly? The MIDI editor?

Also, the generated chord text will be on the MIDI item, not the region area, correct? Would Reatrak need to be installed for that?

EDIT: My project was in some funky mode and I couldn't even have chords identified manually. I created a new project, and the script works great.

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