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Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
Did a little recording this morning... Updated to newest version...

Looks very good! Nice, clean and clear. Lots of layout options. I like how colors are handled. I like how the TCP & MCP elements are bundled together. A brighter theme that I had no problem using!
thanks for the feedback.

I think the new meters are a definte improvement.
Unfortunately, the new border disappears if the theme is used in Reaper v2 & v3, but so do all the non-default layouts.
Versions 2 & 3 don't use WALTER, so not much can be done about.
Other than that, the theme seems to work well in both of those versions.

Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
The only thing I saw was the pan label ‘center’ text was cut off in the TCP & MCP but they are in your screenshots as well so assume that was a compromise you had to make...
Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
And I use text toolbars and the text was not legible for me unless the button’s were active?
I'm not seeing this issue.
I changed the Snap button to use text and it looked OK.
Can you give abutton example to try or is it the size of the text?
If so, you should be able to change that in tweaker.
double check any other label text before you save to make sure it doesn't affect anything else poorly.

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