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you seem to be a troll that talking nonsense and provoke people

lolz- see my old friend- your simply 'wrong' about that-
i came to this forum with a loving heart+caring attitude--if you actually scrub back through all the posting history (and logically read it along with other posts) you will see this will also see much ignorance-jabbing-disbeliefs ++ from others,but that's fine- as 1 feel i'm able to manage such 'types'..fairly confident in what i post 99% of time- actually want others to 'prove me wrong'--but none actually have so far..much like you m8. =heh
i come to share any findings i might have and be totally unbiased and 100% 'honest' in all replies..


with regards to tempo+tempo maps,1 must seriously consider why they actually want such manipulations in a daw-because traditionally: music was never-ever recorded to a metronome of any kind other than intuitive people syncronizing and being able to keep their own beat,timing on the fly..
metronomes+counting is a modern thing in human history--but music is not.
now as we came to this digital age,people now want such things as "tempo maps"- but they little do realize- we work in a linear set frames of seconds/time.
i would consider 'realtime' to be 60bpm based upon the atomic clocks we use: so any deviation in a recording proccess from that baseline 'tempo' 1 is basically warping time itself..
think about it!

tbh i'm gonna leave this to EvilDragon to demonstrate just how easy this is todo using the programme- they seem to know much about reaper and the devs actually think + do- so it should be npz for that to happen immediately... (i will also gain knowledge of the ignore list,that seems to be growing!)
rofl-chew on that ^
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