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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Is it slow in the 5.965 release version too? If so, you should post this in the BR forum, and ideally you should try older releases and see in which version it changed.

Maybe it happened started with Mojave? Also try dragging and dropping rather than opening via the open-project window? Maybe it'll show more what's going on.
Hi Justin, Thx for your speedy response. Just tried in 5.965 and is slow. But wow !! your idea of dragging and dropping from finder is as fast as how it used to be both on 5.965 and on the pre release. When I dragged and dropped from finder its perfect. But then again when I quit reaper with a project opened or close a project tab it is slow.

I have been using Mojave ever since its been released I can be sure that this issue came up quite recently. I have a feeling that it started after performance tweaks came up in the video window. If you can remember which version it is..I can go back and check it on that.
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