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Originally Posted by svijayrathinam View Post
Hello Developers,

Reaper's ability to open and close projects has become very slow off late. Its been happening for the past few releases. I can't put a finger on when it started happening exactly. But here is a demonstration of what exactly is happening. In the following video if you listen to it with will find my voice over telling exactly what the issue is. Like in the video even for a small project with just 3 audio tracks and 2 plugins in each track its very slow. This wasn't the case before.

The video that you see is on a laptop with the below specs. But I am able to replicate this in all my Macs.

Mac OS 10.14.2 Mojave

2018 15 inch Mac book pro
2.2 Ghz Intel i7/ 16 GB RAM
Is it slow in the 5.965 release version too? If so, you should post this in the BR forum, and ideally you should try older releases and see in which version it changed.

Maybe it happened started with Mojave? Also try dragging and dropping rather than opening via the open-project window? Maybe it'll show more what's going on.
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