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Originally Posted by serr View Post
They started resting on their laurels when Jobs died. The security is all about preventing repairs to try to make the product disposable and generate return sales. If they were offering the heavy security models for the likes of CEOs or CIA operatives - where NOW you really would want to treat a $2000+ item as disposable for security reasons and performance is secondary - and normal performance focused models for the rest of us, that might be reasonable. And of course this is a mental exercise of fitting the product design I see into some logical scenario. They don't seem to be courting that market at all. To keep drinking the koolaid at this point and say "No... no... they're doing this for my security... and it's totally reasonable to pay this much for that and throw it away in a couple years when it breaks..." This is Apple riding out their popularity with ridiculous expensive but disposable products. The build quality and all the logic board design faults since 2013 are more of what you'd expect from a Dell from Worst Purchase.

That their now 7 year or older products outperform everything since (from port configurations, modibility, repairability, and performance vs price) is pretty ridiculous.

At some point before too long we WILL have more disposable computing devices just like what happened with the calculator and fussing over old hardware concepts will be a moot point. We're not there yet and further, Apple is making this artificial for no reason but to drive up prices and shorten the life of the product.
Well, there are a lot of other issues beginning to crop up.

I don't mind Apple's upgrade cycle. You definitely don't need to chase every new release, and I never did. Except when things broke. FWIW, a majority of my Mac upgrades were free because of major issues covered by the warranty.

But the last good ones being that old is about a no-go. If you've still got one, I say use it 'till it dies and then see what you need. Buying one that old today...doesn't make sense to me.

I switched to Hackintoshes around 2012 or 2013, I think. That hackintosh was the best OS X experience I ever had. By far. There were some issues using a 4k monitor (which just worked under linux, after looking up the right modeline to use). But, that ended up being Apple not following specs and artificially crippling OS X...not a hardware issue.

I really wish I could still support them. I just can't.

That being said, I'm probably going to switch back to an iPhone at some point. Regardless of how much I disagree with Apple's direction, Google is unquestionably worse.
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