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# Automation items: avoid occasional click at automation item start
Thanks you very much. That seems work perfect.

With automation item start issue, it remains this issue.

In this case, it's not an VST automation issue (automation smoothing), because there is no automation on any VST.

The audio from some VST synth* (reasynth, for exemple) can produce the same issue than from an audio clip (previous issue) : audio glitch at AI start. With some VST synths, there is no issue.

In this exemple, there is no plug-in automation. I have put an AI volume track on the parent track of the plug-in track.

Video :

Project :

* V-Station (Novation), Attack (waldorf) and all u-he synths (Zebra2, TyrellN6, Hive, Diva, etc.).


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