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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
What does this mean for Reaper users? If you're using a huge 4k monitor (which is probably a re-purposed TV screen) nothing has changed, you're still in 100% land.

If you're using a 13" 1080p laptop, you're waiting for a 150% theme and probably have been for years (oops). If you have a retina mac, you want a 200% theme. If you're using a 4k laptop, you want anything from 150% to 250% as your theme, depending on its physical size. Reaper's functionality for delivering all this is still experimental, and you're going to have to be patient for both it and the themes that will use it. Sorry.
Great post.
Just a few words from me, partially rephrased what I already said.

4K monitor must not mean "100% land". It's proper approximation but in reality it might require changes to a theme too:
1. if you had 26" monitor and switched to 4K 42", 100% means to all GUI elements appear smaller (comparable to using 21" monitor). So you may want the GUI about 20% bigger
2. If you have 42" monitor, probably you are arranged a slightly bigger distance from your eyes to the display. Which in turn require bigger text fonts for reading/writing comfort

4K monitor is a strange animal. You want to have a big/wide scene, with a lot of work space, but on other hand want to maintain or even improve readability of text. So, Different GUI elements have to be scaled with different rations.

In order to maintain comfort (reading web pages, editing texts, easily use windows GUI), Windows might set a scale numbers like 150% or 175%.

Such scaling set in operating system impacts Reaper themes (at least some of them). While bitmap elements are not being scaled, the fonts are.

In result, a user of 4K monitor faces two issues while trying to use 100% themes:
1. graphical GUI elements might be a bit too small (depending on personal taste, 4K monitor size etc)
2. text is way to big (because scaled by Windows), often overflowing gfx elements.

Yeah, I know it's really hard to please all of us. I can imagine vector based GUI might be an only way to cover most of needs, at least providing flexible scaling to our needs. Preparing bitmap based themes is very time-consuming, mostly provided by users, created in their spare time. I wouldn't even ask for creating all needed variations of their theme. All together, likely we get no perfect solution in near future.

I wrote my initial post after seeing how many times, people make advise to use 200% theme for 4K monitor. Even some themes contain both of those terms in their names. I wanted to point to this misunderstanding (IMO), eventually start a discussion, presuming I must not be right or there is maybe a magic trick making 200% skin satisfactory for big 4K big monitors.
What I'm expecting is proper naming of the themes. Retina/HighDPI dedicated should be separated from themes dedicated for big 4K monitors. At least until Reaper will take care about proper/comprehensive GUI scaling

with regards

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