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Originally Posted by sightlessness View Post
I don't know, I just know that with my Oled 4k used as monitor,
JRENG theme looks great and works perfect.
200% themes in the stash work great but graphics seem to be not
upgraded (have a 300 resolution) so they look jagged but work
as intended.
Regular themes upscaled sck (not their fault),except maybe Jane's,
somehow his theme upscale and upscale great.
Do you mean JRENG's Metric? I just tried it getting 18 tracks in TCP + Master. Svetle layout (most narrow) gives about 35 tracsk in MCP but is completely ripped feature-wise. With the theme I like most I can get more than 40 tracks using regular.
Also to get all tracks functionality in in MCP, you effectively have to get rid of TCP

See screenshots below. All taken from my 4K 42" monitor.
You can post screenshot from your Reaper. BTW what does mean you have 300% resolution? You have 300% scale in Windows?

Commala 200%

Skin based on Default 5 Dark Extended (changed font sizes only)

And this is what I'm talking about. While for Retina monitors 200% themes work well (they just solve pixel density), for 4K monitors skins should provide a lot more working space, not being blindly scaled up from their FullHD equivalents. 4K monitors are no more or less but like a few normal monitors next to each other. There is no need to Make GUI items bigger than they appear on single FullHD monitor *)

*) In fact having a bit bigger elements might be welcomed in case someone is switching to 4K monitor which is not twice as as big as FullHD monitor he used to. For example 42" 4K monitor, elements have size comparable to 21" FullHD monitor. For someone who used to 24 or 26" FullHD monitors, GUI elements might be too small. But we are talking about a few % change, not 100%.

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