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Originally Posted by JDOD View Post
Also, I had a reply for Anderton's support (my retailer). They suggest that I try a different USB cable. Don't know if this is plausible but I'll try it on the weekend.
Hardware problems (including the cable) can produce fancy results. So that is worse to try in case things are not working properly.

Also try:
I) install separate Portable REAPER and try there, with new empty project. That will eliminate any influence of your current settings
II) try to set WASAPI Exclusive mode
III) do you have or ever had ASIO4ALL installed? That sometimes helpful and great utility under some conditions produce strange and not understood effects with real ASIO drivers. If you have it, at least disable Tascam in its configuration. But with bad luck, that or even uninstalling it will not help...

200ms is out of any reasonable range, something should be horribly wrong for such delay. With US and REAPER on not ancient (younger the 10 years) computer, it should be possible to have around 10ms overall latency.

PS. there are $300 digital pianos, e-drums, guitars, computers and audio interfaces. Till the last item in the list, most people understand that for such money that is going to be a toy. In reality an audio interface for such money is also just a toy.
I am a home player, not even semi-pro. Till I have bought BabyFace Pro, I could not understand why I need it.
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