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Default Fine control of parameters

The big problem with plug-in parameter automation is the inability to set a target range of values. A MIDI CC value of 0 sets the parameter to its minimum value and 127 sets the parameter to its max. Good control of a smaller range (of, for example, a frequency or gain or pitch value) is almost impossible.

Have a look at these:

. . . . . .

Big pics:

The band frequency in all 4 plug-ins is controlled by the same MIDI CC#. The first screenshot shows the parameter for a CC value of 64, the second for a value of 0 and the third for a value of 127.

The 2 ReaEQs on the right-hand side are controlled by "MIDI Link" and by "MIDI Learn / Parameter Automation" respectively; as you can see the parameter moves through its whole range from 20Hz to 24,000Hz.

The ReaEq on the left uses "Parameter Modulation / MIDI with some non-intuitive (to me) Baseline and Scale settings to get close to controlling the desired frequency range. And MEqualizer uses its built-in feature to control the precise range (550Hz to 1900Hz).

. . .

To make the control better, a first step would be to add the features from the Parameter Modulation window into the "MIDI Learn" window. As in:

The next step would be to change the Baseline / Offset and Scale Settings in both windows to more intuitive controls; Minimum and Maximum, perhaps, displayed in the target parameter values, not %.
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