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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
It does store its temporary state no? To make it simple: If your device receives value 77 it will stay at value 77 as long as another value is incoming. That means it is temporarily stored.
That's it. In my example, the controller have parameters 1-8 stored/displayed on the LCD. But there's no way to store 9-56 values in midi controller.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
Wrong. It will only send values of parameters the amount that you specified in the .ReaperOsc file (i.e DEVICE_FX_PARAM_COUNT and DEVICE_FX_INST_PARAM_COUNT). And it also does not send them at once, it sends them one at a time (on lower levels probably as a package). Thats why you can process them in Osciibot one at a time.
Do you understand the meaning of this string? It's not a range. You can't define a range of parameters, like 9-16. It'll always be started from 1.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
I guess from Reaper itself which you will need to inform? More precisely: you will need to convert the message sent from the "page down" button of your device to a message Reaper understands to switch the bank. That conversion can be done in Osciibot.
When the bank is switched you will receive data of this (and only this) bank from Reaper.
This might be true for banks. I didn't had a chance to check it, since sysex commands weren't available before. There's no point in banks to get to the desired track/parameter, if you know how to use wildcards in variables.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
You won't get that form all tracks, only from a bank of tracks, which size you specified in .ReaperOSC. And only the type of data you want Reaper to send.
It's still big chuck of data for 8 tracks. Check in the monitor. Once again, there's no command to request that data. I think, the workaround would be to deselect already selected track/tracks and then select again to get those parameters from Reaper.

# Note: FX parameter feedback will only be sent for the track that is currently
# selected in the device. If messages exist that can target FX on other tracks,
# feedback will be sent whenever the parameter values change. This can be a lot of
# data, so only include those messages if you want the feedback.
That's it. You may want to change parameters on the track that isn't currently selected. But you can't get it's values, until the track is selected. This means using "deselect currently selected tracks/select new track/adjust parameter on the new track/restore previous selection" trick, which I don't admire. There would also be a flickering effect on the track panel during that.
Been there, done that.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
Please take another look at the Default.ReaperOSC for fundamentals. It's a bit steep to understand it on the first read (myself needed to read it multiple times) but it really helps.
I appreciate that you're trying to help with workarounds, but that's not the point. I've checked and edited .reaperosc files many times. Using them still means asking Reaper again for the same info that could be already stored in oscii-bot and it can happen quite often, slowing the whole process.
Here's my list of reaperosc files, to assure you that I'm aware of it's capabilities -

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
I remember also being helpful to understand what is going on (what is coming in to Osciibot) was a simple monitor script.
E.g. Banned's logger:
Of cause, I'm using two functions in my script to log all midi and osc data in oscii-bot, though the osc part doesn't want to work, yet. It's been a while since I wrote those oscii-bot scripts.
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