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Default Toggle OSC values

So i have the following script:


msg1 == 0x90 ? + msg2 == 0x40 ? + msg3 == 0x7f ? oscsend (MQ_OSC,"/flash/1", 1);
msg1 == 0x80 ? + msg2 == 0x40 ? + msg3 == 0x7f ? oscsend (MQ_OSC,"/flash/1", 0);

When I push a key on APC Mini controller i get the OSC message "/flash/1 1.000(float)"

When I release the key, i get the message "/flash/1 0.000(float)".


How can i make it so that when i first press the key i will get "/flash/1 1.000(float)", and at the second press "/flash/1 0.000(float)" ?

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