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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
Im just posting this ultra-basic osciibot script for people who want to get started and have the same difficulties like i had to get their head around it.

It basically does the same (i hope ) like Banned does it with his superb PureData patch here (the first one), allowing midi-feedback, except for just one parameter.
Hi Veto,

I think i may owe u enormously...I know nothing about scripts....but am i correct in understanding that if i change this line....

oscsend(reaper_in,"n/track/1/fx/1/fxparam/1/value", osc_val);.....

to some reaper osc command that gets the index # of the selected track, if that command exists...this script will send out a midi command with that number in the value? If so it would be a Godsend for me! Awe plz say its so!

If i may ask,where is the master list of all osc commands?

Thanks heaps for making this available.

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