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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
I think the main thing to me was the guitar tracks. Although they did have a groove, they got boring and monotonous. My answer to that was to try use the bass track to give it more of a groove and make it not quite so monotonous.

As Karbo mentioned there are some sharp tones in the Bass I do not like, too. But as a Bass Player I like the overall sound. Not too muffled and a bit funky. Personally I like a dry and gnarly Musicman Bass tone like in the video here: (by the way: don’t know what I should do first - listening or viewing )

The song is not too bad in my opinion. Especially the first half. But the ending isn’t that well.
The most difficult part for me was to get the mud in the low mids out of the tracks. Next difficult thing was the snare sound. I wanted a snappy sound like in the video.

Maybe some words about my equipment: I think my monitors are helping me a lot. I’m using two ADAM A7X and a Wavemaster MX3+ 2.1 System. Yes, the A7X are not cheap - but the MX3 System was. The important thing to me is: I know them! (at least I think so) I’m listening to some chillout tunes with my MX3 as I’m typing this. They’re sounding so pleasant to my ears and costed only 80€. Over time I got to know them both. That makes a decision easier with your sound-notion while comparing to pro mixed songs. Also important: my room is not treated acoustically in any way. That’s on the ToDo list…

What else? Ah, my mastering chain: I’m using a FX chain from the stash. During mixing only the limiter is on and set to -0.1dB peak and 0dB threshold.
Ok, enough. I’m planning to listen to the submissions again on the weekend. But there’s already a lot said where I'm thinking the same way.

Thanks again to all judges
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