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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I'm not sure why you want to get into a semantic discussion about this, what I said is 100% objectively true.
While technically true, I have to disagree as to its accuracy. When's the last time you saw a new theme that didn't use WALTER? At this point, it seems clear to me that pretty much everyone on here uses "WALTER" to mean "the language you write a theme in".

...theming is confusing enough as it is.
...because most people ignore the rudimentary stuff and dive straight into trying to hack existing themes without a foundational understanding.
WALTER is a programming language. Hacking existing software has always been one of the most common ways for people to learn how to program. It's expected, and it's generally considered not only reasonable but laudable to do so.

In lieu of a ground-up tutorial for Reaper theming, which I agree seems like a questionable use of one's time, skimming through the SDK to learn some syntax and then hacking an existing theme is going to get someone a useful result much faster.
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