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Originally Posted by Dyl View Post
I couldn't find the TCP shaping possibilities I wanted so I moved to Walter.
Yes, and as you've discovered you do indeed need WALTER for that. Just need to have a working theme first

Originally Posted by Dyl View Post
I actually felt quite bad after I posted.

Originally Posted by Dyl View Post
I made a breakthrough after several more hours rereading the guide pdf and actually got some basic Walter working. I mean fixed positions elements with single lines of code like "set tcp.solo [ "numbers" ]" I think I could write something of a step by step guide but I wouldn't know where best to post it/how useful it would be.
What would you suggest?
Yes, that sounds like you're starting exactly the right way. This will give you a foundational understanding that will serve you very well once you start doing more complicated stuff, or even reusing bits of WALTER from other themes.

Any amount of documentation is always welcome, and as a beginner your perspective is invaluable and hard to replicate. I once started on a 'zero-to-hero' basic empty theme with associated tutorial, but decided it wasn't an efficient use of my time, because most people ignore the rudimentary stuff and dive straight into trying to hack existing themes without a foundational understanding. None the less, please, post here anything you have. Anyone in the future who is doing it the right way, like you, might find it enormously helpful.
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