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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
As I understand it:
- A WALTERless theme is limited to replacing the fonts, colors, and images of... what? The v2 layout?

- WALTER is effectively anything themes do that can't be done from the theme tweaker - that is, everything in the rtconfig.txt aside from the basic parameters at the top.
I'm not sure why you want to get into a semantic discussion about this, what I said is 100% objectively true. We themed for years before WALTER came along. People make themes by reusing existing WALTER. WALTER only applies to the MCP, TCP, EnvCP and Transport. An understanding of WALTER is near worthless without an understanding of the underlying theming.

The document is called WALTER : A themer's guide. It is to explain to a themer about WALTER.

People get tripped up all the time by posts incorrectly using 'theming' and 'WALTER' interchangeably. Please do not contribute to this utterly unnecessary misunderstanding, theming is confusing enough as it is.
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