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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
WALTER is not theming, its just an optional part of it that should only be approached once the rudiments are understood.
Some clarification might be useful here, especially since the linked documentation is rather sparse on the topic of pre-WALTER theming.

As I understand it:
- A WALTERless theme is limited to replacing the fonts, colors, and images of... what? The v2 layout?

- WALTER is effectively anything themes do that can't be done from the theme tweaker - that is, everything in the rtconfig.txt aside from the basic parameters at the top.

Assuming the above is correct, it would seem somewhat inaccurate to say that "WALTER is not theming", as WALTER is required for all but the most basic of cosmetic changes and certainly pretty much anything people ask for in a theme these days. It would be more reasonable, IMO, to make a distinction between "theming" and "changing colors in the tweaker".
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