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Originally Posted by Dyl View Post
Again, apologies if I sound overly harsh. I intend to be critical, I suppose, but not offensive.
You have nothing to apologise for, your feedback is useful and your tone is measured. Thank you!

There are several things at play here, firstly that you've come to this thread, rather than one of the stickies about how theming works. Which is understandable; I have now un-stickied this thread, which I should have done a long time ago.

WALTER is not theming, its just an optional part of it that should only be approached once the rudiments are understood. Work your way through the stickies How to use a REAPER theme then Common tweaks to a REAPER theme, before finally making your way to Making a REAPER theme, reading the documentation linked in each.

Reaper theming is an accretion over the years of somewhat disjointed functionality. Its all much easier than it looks from a technical point of view, but there's quite a lot of of non-obvious things to learn when starting from scratch. I hope you stick with it
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