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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Here is what I've got so far for the themer's guide to WALTER. Its very much an early work in progress, both in terms of what's there not being finished or proofed, and what's not there being ...well, not there


It assumes a working knowledge(ish) of Reaper theming and absolutely no knowledge or experience whatsoever of code. For the pixel pushers out there...

It is intended for themers but should also be useful to users looking to do some theme tweaking. Your feedback is requested, both on the clarity and correctness of what is there, and what else you might find useful.

My feedback is that this is not so easy to get into and is written from a very experienced coding perspective:
Some of my observations are...

I've read as much as I can on the forums, also the Walter themer's guide pdf.
I cannot figure out how to either find a theme without Walter or create a new one where I attend to the basics like "First Steps". This is pretty unclear as to what I'm trying to achieve, start from scratch or alter an existing theme?
If I read on (the themer's guide page 6) from there it looks like I'm actually supposed to create a copy of default 5 and then comment that out?? Bit confused, am I starting from scratch with a blank rtconfig.txt file and do I replicate the look of a default theme that I've unzipped to get that to work? Or do I comment out a copy of a default theme?
These are conflicting tasks that make it harder for tweaker novice's like me to understand the process of getting into Walter.
I do have some coding experience, albeit pretty basic stuff, I can also work around the theme development action window in Reaper but I'm not getting past the basics of Walter.
Apologies if I sound harsh, I'm just frustrated by this immediate hurdle.

I think a step by step description of one or both ways of getting Walter running would help hacks like me. For example, a clear list of actions to create a new theme, including creating the folder ready for images and the rtconfig.txt file itself. Also, an idea of the minimum that has to be in this to make a theme work.
Alternatively, a step by step process for altering an existing theme, including any actions to duplicate a theme (after unzipping, etc). A real "how to... " guide.
Something along the lines of the video to unzip an existing theme (but now I can't remember where on the forum I accessed that), that was a good starting point; I followed the instructions and got the expected result.

At the moment I'm all over trying to piece together information to make a theme of my own. Unfortunately, I have no fixed reference point to trouble shoot the inevitable gaffs I'm making.
Although one idea in the guide is to do some basic Walter work first, I cannot seem to work out how to get that running. Then the guide gives a huge list of instructions that maybe I'm supposed to use but I can't be sure??!!??

Sorry, repeating myself now.

Right now I've created a folder, named it and dropped a new rtconfig.txt file in there that has "clear tcp.*" in it.
Reaper cannot see my folder so I tried forcing Reaper to open it and I get an error that 12 EDL header items are missing.
I added a tcp.size line but still the same error message. I could add more commented out lines but the outcome is going to be the same because they will be comments.
Something along these lines is implied by "First Steps", just a line of code and your off to a start, but there isn't enough information to get up and running.
I need a "hello world" instructional, I think.
Again, apologies if I sound overly harsh. I intend to be critical, I suppose, but not offensive.
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