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Originally Posted by Vagalume View Post
I humbly believe that there is enough documentation and so many useful posts about theming in the forum, it is not a quantity matter. Anyway trying some changes might be possitive. Some ideas:

- Assembling all the documentation in a single file.
- Using a simpler language, a kind of "Reaper Theming for dummies". When you start from scratch you might find dark and difficult to understand the concepts of the documentation (specially if English is not mother language).
- A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe some explanatory videos will help more than documents.

I hope I do not offend anyone.
Thats well said. I agree also that there is "enough" in that sense but the idea of grouping all would help sorting by order of priority for learning purposes.

Videos would be the most efficient way to uncover the "mysteries of the world" haha, if any one goes on this path it will help alot of people.

Another idea would be to have an example case of editing the Default 5.o theme in depth (including the complex WALTER lines). I mean something that clearly explain why it is being written like it is and what things do. Because right now we are being suggested to start with easy stuff but its never explained clearly how the advanced 5.0 is thought out. Youre left to trial and error and this is a bit of a pain although a great challenge for me to overtake.

In the end all this freedom makes me believe that the next step could be to make the most important and always requested UI mods be accessible via userfriendly menus in REAPER. Mr X and Miss Y dont have a clue of what is a rtconfig.txt document and what image editing and folders are. Im speaking for the normal people that are not good at computer stuff but great musician with great ideas.

Anyways thanks for your replies guys its super appreciated. Ill be back to learning WALTER today

Btw thanks for all the current documentation and freedom of editing!
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