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drumphil you keep repeating yourself.

Iīve answered those questions on post #3 like karbon said...I said i was using Windows has well ( its on my signature !!!!! )

Maybe you are right when you say something in the system is forcing the OS to push the 88.2 to be used instead of 96 KHz when i donīt have Voicemeeter enabled. All of that can be true. I have no time to try it and disabled windows services till i find what is causing the issue.

I have my workaround using voicemeeter...its using the KS internal driver , Direct Kernel streaming API allows low latency audio
streaming, no upsampling is done , i repeat, no upsample is done!

-My default sound device now is the Voicemeeter AUX;
-Voicemeeter is using the MOTU driver;
-The MOTU is set to 96 KHz in the MOTU control panel;
-Every OS audio goes to Voicemeeter AUX;
-Reaper calls the ASIO driver not the Voicemeeter;

Do your tests, get those ultralite mk3 Hybrid you have, install this driver on your system and test it out.
If you find the solution, the REAL solution, please lets us know.
All the best
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