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Originally Posted by KenB View Post
OP here ... just to give answers to some of the questions.

I guess you could call the type of ambient music I make "old school" ... just sounds, textures, drones, weird noises ... no melodies, no drums or bass. I like my ambient to be slow, deep, foreboding, sad etc. I also like the lower registers so I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to boominess.

I pretty much use studio monitors exclusively ... Mackie MR5mk2. But ... listening through head phones is an idea I didn't think of ... might help determine if the room is the source of the boominess.

The room is small and untreated ... it's also my cluttered home office. I'm sure it could use some sound treatment. I record and listen in the same room.

I'll try a reference track. My hunch is there won't be much boominess if any.

At the moment I'm having much better success by using a strong high pass filter centered around 200 - 300 Hz. Haven't needed to boost anything. No compression.

How does it sound when you play it somewhere else, In the car, through cell phone into headphones, at a friends house through his system ?
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