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I've been on the ARM64 version now for the past month and it's working fine. All my x86 VSTs are working except for Massive X, but that doesn't work in anything and will crash whatever DAW you're using. It just doesn't work under Rosetta 2.

But everything else, Arturia, Izotope, Native Instruments (except Massive X as mentioned above) and such, work fine. Plus, the overhead is MUCH lower on REAPER in ARM64 than it is on Ableton. Some of my VSTs are already switched over to Universal apps, such as Pro-Q and such.

My only gripe is that the x86 vsts don't go in the FX window. Not sure if they're working on that, but when you load one, two windows pop up: the FX window, then another window with the VST itself. It may be that I don't know how to combine them, but I think it has to do with the "reaper_host_x86_64" app that launches.

BTW, I'm using the latest Big Sur on a M1 Mac Mini.

Here's what I mean about two windows popping up with an x86 vst:

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