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Anyone else have issues listening to mixes from the website? I was getting some random very nasty pops, and in general, starting and stopping, switching between mixes was hit and miss, mixes would sometimes just stop playing and I couldn't restart, etc. Not sure if this is my computer/browser/audio device or what.

I just moved to a different computer, reinstalled stuff, so haven't gotten much opportunity to suss stuff out, though I've used everything and haven't had audio problems...

Also, note that I only voted for one mix, but the voting scheme doesn't seem to allow you to submit unless you place a vote for all mixes - and the lowest value you can give is 1/2 star - so I gave all mixes except one a 1/2 star so I could just move on. Those 1/2 stars don't mean anything. I only have time to vote for what at a cursory listen seemed the best.
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