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The fatigue I get for sure, and yea ears are fooled quickly, but technically that's why people shouldn't be having to spend hours on a mix yes? Generally, the faster you can get a rough mix thrown together, then walk away, do something else, and come back to it over the next couple of days to do your tweaking, automation, etc then you should lessen the amount of time being spent going in the wrong direction due to ear fatigue. However, I guess if someone is working in a production environment then I could see where they wouldn't have the option to do this and a reference would actually be necessary... but that sounds like a corporate solution to a "human problem" haha

At some point, someone had to make the reference, and they didn't have one, so seems a little odd to just be conforming music to someone else's mix (except for the hearing fatigue issue, I get that one), but I'll have to look into it more.

EDIT: OK, after reading the other thread I get it, and it definitely makes more sense to have only one or two good reference tracks instead of what a lot of people seem to be doing which is having a track for each era and style instead of having a reference track for an appropriate amount of reverb, solid bass, airy highs, midrange, etc. It's more about making sure the elements of your mix across varying frequency spectrums sound consistent with production standards, not that your 90's mix sounds like a 90's mix (although I guess you could do that, you sheep you ) Good stuff.

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