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Default v6.29+dev0618 - June 18 2021

All these new metering options on the master mixer is really great, – definitely going to set Reaper ahead of many others, and not even speaking of the normalization features! – Can't wait to see what scripts and visualized representation of loudness can come out of this.

Some suggestions for UX,
VU Settings window > Mixer top number > Peak (option): for clarity perhaps add: stereo max.

And, I believe more helpful tooltips on the master meter would improve the experience, now ‘tip’ is simply "Meter" all over the place. For instance when hovering L-I, it would be helpful/educational if the tooltip could show Loudness - Integrated (LUFS), and so forth.

I'm well aware the meter is a single UI element, but thinking out loud, perhaps it could be done with sort of a flexible grid(??).

As suggested by others, I would also like to have more types of average dynamics. PSR/ PLR and perhaps RMS Crest factor. If it's no-go on the master, then hopefully it can be added to the jsfx Loudness Meter so also new Reaper users have it available with the default installation.
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