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Originally Posted by LCM! View Post
No decent at all but I have been digging into Knopfler, JJ Cale and Cooder. Even in Lennon. Nothing worthy, I'm afraid (for me to use, I mean, hahaha).
Good clues, thanks for sharing LCM.

Originally Posted by WaveTrans View Post
How to you find references?
is there a method to identify one or is it mainly knowing a lot of good music?
Great choice of reference. Thanks for sharing.

As for how I choose a reference.
As Grundton, I have a bunch of reference tracks that I have been saving along the time for one reason or another (general sound, genres, instruments, etc.).

I usually use at least a couple of reference tracks, one of which usually comes from this storage and the other comes from a research I do on each new mix. For that, first I try to define the style / genre of the song, (if we are mixing a "Cambridge MT's" track, this work is easier because it is already done on the page).
After that I try to find a similar instrumentation and stile song, if possible sounding wonderfull and if is possible too of an a professional artist.

In any case, IŽll subscribe to Grundton's words: "I don't think the reference track has to be nailed, it's about overall balance."

BTW, I already submmit my Mix.


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